Things to See and Do in Tasmania

Aside from spending a great deal of time sightseeing in Tasmania, there are plenty of other things to do.

Getting to Know Tasmania

There is always the option of arriving in Tasmania with very little knowledge about it. There are quick resources that can bring one up to speed, such as the most recent news or simply doing a search on the internet. For others, they may want to do a lot of their research before arriving here. Either way, there will be no disappointments as to what can be enjoyed here.

Bathtub Scenery

For those who want an experience that is out of the norm when it comes to scenery admiring, there is a chance for this in Tasmania. There is a private rental offering that takes place right on the coast. It is completely secluded, and the highlight of this adventure is relaxing in a bathtub that allows for the viewing of some of the most magnificent scenery to be seen in Tasmania.

A Field of Lavender

Most everyone knows the benefits of lavender and at the very least, its alluring aroma. For those who cannot get enough of this, then they are going to be most pleased when visiting Tasmania. That is if the Lavender files found at Bridestow Estate is on the to-do list. Here visitors get to stroll or run through the lavender fields. This is an experience that not too many people get to boast about.

TheTulip Experience

Some may think that the only place to enjoy Tulips at their best is by visiting Holland. However, Tasmania can hold their own when it comes to this flower. Nobody will want to miss the Blooming Tulips Festival that takes place on a very impressive Tulip farm. This is enjoyed in October.

Tessellated Pavement

One thing that the majority of visitors want to do when visiting Tasmania is to visit the Port Arthur Historic site. Is the most popular attraction here. However, to really scale this experience up to a notch, it means paying a visit to the tessellated pavement. A rare site and one that should not be missed.


No one should ever return from Tasmania and say they did not take the time to visit the Museum of Old & New Art (MONA). It only opened in 2011, but when it did, it made the news and has continued to do so on many occasions. The outside is impressive enough, but it does not prepare the visitor for what they are going to experience on the inside. Don’t expect this to be all about traditional art. What can be expected is the opportunity to enjoy what some call some very crazy but intriguing art.

Rock Climbing at Its Best

There are a lot of experienced rock climbers that may think that they have enjoyed the most of what this sport has to offer. Unless they have climbed the Totem Pole in Tasman National Park this may not be true. For thrill seekers, this is the ultimate experience.