Sports Racing in Tasmania

One of the favourite activities in Tasmania is different types of sports, especially those that involve racing.

Types of Racing In Tasmania

Not only are there great racing events in Tasmania, but there are different types. These include:

  • Motor car racing
  • Horse racing
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Greyhound racing

Something else that makes the racing circuit in Tasmania exciting is that those that are into sports betting may have the opportunity to enjoy betting bonuses as they relate to the betting platforms that they use. An added benefit to enjoying the different types of races in Tasmania is also because sports betting is totally legal in Tasmania. This includes being able to place bets online. This is added a new height of excitement to the various sports activities that take place here.

Motor Car Racing

When it comes to various race events in the motorcar category and Tasmania, there are ongoing events that can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Participants in the speed events for motorcar racing, for the most part, have to be 16 years or older.

  • Motorcar Events

These date back in Tasmania to 1937 when the first rally was held. At this time, those that participated in the race did so by solving clues that would allow them to arrive at an unknown destination first to be the winner. From the 1960s on more clubs were formed and rallies then took place on a gravel road. State championships were up for grabs that were comprised of the completion of five events. After 1975 three motor rallies became the most important in the sport. These were comprised of the southern state Safari which took place on gravel roads. Then the forest races rally and then the Targa Tasmania. Rallies are now considered to be the biggest sporting event in Bernie.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing is another racing sport event that Tasmania is very proud of. It is a sport that dates back to the 1901’s. While there have been a lot of motorcycle clubs that have come and gone in many parts of the world, Tasmania is home to one of the oldest motorcycle clubs that is in existence. This is a club that was formed in 1905 called the Launceston Based Tasmanian Motorcycle Club. Championships did not come about until 1914 when the first event was held at the Elwick racecourse. What was once known as the most famous race circuit in Tasmania was the Longford Grand Prix circuit. In 1955 world renowned 500 mL Champion Jeff Duke was hosted here.

Horse Racing

For those who want to enjoy good horseracing activities, there are plenty of outstanding racecourses in Tasmania and some of these are:

  • Devonport racecourse
  • Elwick racecourse
  • Longford racecourse
  • Launceston racecourse

Some of the types of horse races that can be enjoyed in Tasmania are the Tasmanian Derby. This is a thoroughbred horse race for horses that are three years old. It comes with a hefty prize purse of $150,000. Aside from this, there are several other Tasmanian thoroughbred racing events that take place throughout the course of a year. For those who want to attend a horse race that is of a very high calibre then they will want to make sure that they attend the Tab Launceston Cup. This is a group 3 race comprised of handicap thoroughbred horse racing. It runs a distance of 2400 km, and the prize money is $250,000. It is held at the Launceston racecourse in Mowbray Tasmania.

Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is another racing sport that Takes place in Tasmania, and there are several clubs available that pertain to this.

Visitors to Tasmania have much to see and do and one of the favourite activities that they can take advantage of his attending the many races that are taking place here. There is surely something to be found that is a favourite of any visitor and events are normally ongoing throughout the course of the year.