Best Scenic Attractions in Tasmania

When visiting Tasmania, it is well worth checking out what the best attractions are before arriving there. This way, all of the important attractions will not be missed. However, there are several of them. For those who have limited time they may want to pick and choose carefully as they may not be able to fit them all in.

Australia is very close to Tasmania and residents and visitors here often don’t realise how much Tasmania has to offer by way of attractions.

Best Attractions

There are some great attractions to be seen in Tasmania, and the following is a short list of some of the favourites.

Cradle Mountain

A visit to Lake St. Clair National Park will allow for a first-hand view of Cradle Mountain. Here one gets to see the natural beauty of Tasmania at its bests. There is a collection of beautiful beech forests and lakes that are in pristine condition. Even more spectacular is the nor end of this National Park. A trek to the summit of Cradle Mountain will reward one with a magnificent view.


For the best of both worlds, it means a visit to Hobart. This is a region that is between the sean and the peak of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington. Here is where one will find the capital of Tazmania. Aside from the beauty that is found here, there are some exciting experiences to be enjoyed such as a walk along the waterfront with the intention of visiting some of the wonderful cafes and restaurants that are along here.

Freycinet National Park

Some places only have the pleasure of having one significant National park, but Tasmania can boast of several that are the most impressive. One is the Lake St. Clair National Park mentioned above, and another one is Freycinet National Park. This one is located on the East Coast of Tasmania. It holds the recognition of being one of the oldest reserves and one of the most beautiful. While there is a lot of natural beauty that is going to gain the attention of visitors here, there are two sites to behold. One is the power white sand, and the other is the crystal clear sea at Wineglass Bay.

Kunanyi/Mount Wellington

Nobody visiting Tasmania will want to be without their camera. Especially when visiting this attraction. For those who want to make the most of a visit here, it means taking the trip along the 21 km mountain road. For those that do they will reach the Pinnacle. Here they will see some beautiful views of Hobart as well as Derwent along with some others. There are boardwalks that can be followed here that will lead those that use to some of the most impressive views in all of Tasmania.

Tasman National Park

Yet a third very impressive National Park to be enjoyed in Tasmania. What is so intriguing about the National Parks here is that they each have something very impressive to offer. Here this National Park can be found by travelling about 56 Km east of Hobart. Another region of Tasmania that is loaded with beautiful scenery and natural landscaping.