Accommodation in Tasmania

For those that are going to be visiting Tasmania, it is well worth learning more about this destination before travelling there. This is because there is so much here to make it the perfect vacation destination. It all begins with knowing what accommodation is available, so those who want to enjoy different experiences have the opportunity to do so.

Staying In Luxury

Some may think that because Tasmania is a small state of Australia that accommodation would be limited. Not only is this not true, but this region has some exceptional luxury accommodations to be enjoyed.

Some of the most luxurious places to stay can be found in Hobart and Launceston, and also there are some big plans for luxury accommodation by way of lodges to be built in Port Arthur. The following is just an example of some high-end temporary lodgings to be taken advantage of.


For those who do not want to stay in the traditional style hotel, then the Corinda is sure to please. This is an old home of magnificent stature that has gone through some very impressive upgrades. It is a colonial style guest house that both young and old will find most pleasing. It is centrally located for those who plan on taking in attractions such as MONA or visiting Maria island. It is situated in a serene setting surrounded by some very impressive gardens.

Pumphouse House Point Retreat

A resort atmosphere that has all the amenities but creates an atmosphere of home. Most appreciated by guests are the suites situated over the water of Lake St. Clair. There are only eighteen rooms in yhr Pumphouse building which is out on the lake, so those interested in staying here need to book well ahead of time.

These are just two examples of luxury accommodation in Tasmania. There are many other choices for equally exciting lodgings, which is one of the reasons for doing more research is suggested. Temporary lodgings can range from those mentioned here to budget hotels to some very unique places to stay that offer some interesting experiences. If possible it would be most exciting to stay at a few different places while in Tasmania.